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Liverpool pick second Chelsea talent

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Chelsea talent Isaac Cristi-Davis can follow Dominic Solanke and pass as a free agent in Liverpool. The 20-year-old midfielder has not been offered a new contract with Londoners, but Juergen Klop is ready to give him a chance to continue his career at Anfield, ESPN says. In March, Christie Davis, a former England teenage national, spent a test run in Liverpool and convinced the Merseyside manager that he could be useful to the team. He will initially play for the team for up to 23 years, but he hopes to become another young player that Clap has in the first team.

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 Game: Thor Akureyri - IR Reykjavik 
 Kick-off: 14 08 2018, 20:00 
 Prediction: Thor Akureyri -1.25 
 Result: 5:2 
 Status: WON 

 Game: Bristol City - Plymouth 
 Kick-off: 14 08 2018, 20:45 
 Prediction: Goal/Goal 
 Result: 0:1 
 Status: Lost 

 Game: Yeovil - Aston Villa 
 Kick-off: 14 08 2018, 20:45 
 Prediction: Aston Villa -1 
 Result: 0:1 
 Status: draw 

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