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Available football predictions from European cappers

Instructions of payment, replacements on losses and discount of big orders are written at the bottom of this page.
All of football games are available at most bookies but it is recommended to check every game before purchase.
Following football tips are in asian handicap odds, over/under, 1X2 or DC (double chance).

League: Ireland , Division 1
Game: Cork City - Cobh Ramblers
Kick-off: 13 06 2024, 20:45
Price: 89 $
13 hours and 40 minutes remain
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League: Iceland , Icelandic Cup
Game: Vikingur Reykjavik - Fylkir
Kick-off: 13 06 2024, 21:15
Price: 89 $
14 hours and 10 minutes remain
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League: Finland , Ykkonen
Game: Jazz Pori - Vaajakoski
Kick-off: 13 06 2024, 17:30
Price: 89 $
10 hours and 25 minutes remain
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Instructions for payment: To buy a prediction for football game you have to select game that's not started and pay 89 $ with Paypal or VISA. Payment buttons are in the right column.
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Receiving predictions: When you make a payment, our software get your e-mail by Paypal and send prediction on it.

Satisfaction guaranteed: We give you chance to recover and win profit even if selected and paid prediction is lost or your bet is void. In that case your account will be charged with 1 free prediction on the next day.

Easy use: Payment process and receiving of our predictions are very easy to use. If you don't understand some of usage steps please contact us.

Discount for big orders:
PackagePriceDiscount Paypal / VISA
2 predictions149 $16 %
3 predictions209 $22 %
6 predictions389 $27 %

Usage of payments with discount is similar as single payments.
There is free replacement on every lost or draw prediction.
When your payment is completed, count of purchased predictions is recorded at your account on and every day all available tips are sent to your e-mail until your package is finished.
All replacements are calculated and added to your account automatically.

Other types of football picks

Correct Score Odds
Here you have to correctly predict the closing score of a specified game, i.e. what the correct score of Manchester United - Chelsea game will be. Commonly, the lowest odds for this system are approximately 6.00, so there are chances to earn some cash.
Nonetheless, you may believe the goals in the whole match will be fewer than three. Thus, you have 10 different alternatives for the final score and you should consider them all very carefully. All this doesn't make the 6.00 price as attractive as you thought, right?
Perhaps one efficient way to win over the bookmaker is to bet on a team with solid and well-functioning defence and powerful attack able to score. Such teams often realize scores of 1-0 and you can lay a successful wager on them or if you are not sure can buy paid football predictions.

First Scorer Odds
These bets aren't your best option because the risks here are really high. 22 players (minus the substitutes) are available to single out from and you should point one of them as the first scorer in a specified game. Even if the squad has an outstanding striker who scores in almost every match, the risk is still too high and the potential profit may not compensate it. Just image you place a punter on the prominent striker but there is a penalty and someone else scores first. Such scenario is disappointing, isn't it? So, you better avoid this system and those kind of football predictions if not sure on 90%.

Anytime Scorer
This betting system offers bigger chances to win compared to the first scorer odds. In the current situation you put a stake on a player that you believe will score a goal at any time of the game. Here the odds are lower but the chances for a profit are bigger. There are some ways to get the value of such bets if you make a proper research and correct calculations. Naturally, you shouldn't take top scorers into account because their odds will be low. Instead you should turn your attention to other players that are likely to produce a goal. It is wise to bet on a top player from infamous teams or on matches with potential high scoring. Once you have identified suitable teams and games, you should lay a wager on a footballer with higher odds and confident football prediction.