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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the price of your tips ?
Answer: Single tip cost 89 $ with 1 replacement tip in case of lose or draw.

Question: Do you offer free trial ?
Answer: No we don`t offer free trial, except if special promotion is available.

Question: Which leagues do you cover ?
Answer: We provide tips from all major European Leagues, South America, Asia, UEFA competitions, FIFA and UEFA qualifications and championships.

Question: How will I receive my tips ?
Answer: You will receive your tips via e-mail after payment.

Question: When you release your tips ?
Answer: Tips are available after 8.00 CET.

Question: Which bookies do you recommend to use ?
Answer: 188bet, Bet365, Sbobet, 10bet, Ibcbet, Pinnacle, 12bet, IBCbet.

Question: How can I pay ?
Answer: You can pay via Paypal or VISA. This is 100% secured payment gateway which support debit/credit card and bank accounts.

Question: What is your average coefficient ?
Answer: Our average coefficient is 1.93 at moment.

Question: What is your yield and success rate ?
Answer: At moment our yield is 32 % and success rate is 68 % .

Question: What if the tip lost ?
Answer: You will receive one free tip in case of lose or draw.