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Football predictions from professional cappers

If you want to increase your profit and invest in football for good revenue, then our football predictions are the correct option.
On that football site you can find useful stats, news and information not only for newbies but also for experienced punters, who want to improve their football performance and win money. Paid service of is for selling football predictions with high confidence. Not all football picks could be winning but more of them will be successful in long term period.

Our professional team of cappers/tipsters/analysts from Europe (professional football punters) will help you to make the right bet on football as offer reliable soccer tips. With our football experience and high skills we can achieve many winning predictions and good profit. Football predictions could be a good source of money if you just follow our tips.

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Latest football picks / predictions from football cappers

Date Game Prediction Status
12.06.2024 Gamba Osaka - Fukushima Utd Gamba Osaka -1.5 WON
12.06.2024 Atlantis - KuPS Akatemia Atlantis -1.5 WON
12.06.2024 Vissel Kobe - Toyama Vissel Kobe -1.75 WON 1/2
11.06.2024 Greece - Malta Greece -1.5 WON
11.06.2024 Saint Lucia - Aruba Saint Lucia -0.75 Lost
11.06.2024 Yemen - Nepal Nepal +1.5 WON
10.06.2024 Uganda - Algeria Algeria -0.75 WON 1/2
10.06.2024 Thimphu City - RTC Thimphu City -4 Lost
10.06.2024 Kazakhstan U19 - Turkey U19 Turkey U19 -2.75 WON 1/2
9.06.2024 GBK Kokkola - Kuopion Elo GBK Kokkola -1.25 Lost 1/2

Different systems and types for football predictions

There are some different systems for football profit that offer various ways to win money from football lines no matter you will best football prediction provider or not. Following data will provide useful information about some of the football strategies that will help you to select suitable odds in accordance with your skills and aims.

Over/Under football predictions
Over/Under odds is a system for football odds (totals) where you predict whether the goals in a football match will be under or over a exact count. Thus, you can predict on over 3 if you are sure that both teams will produce more than 3 goals or under 3 (if you think the game will be with less goals).
Many football punters prefer using the over/under system because of the emotions to guess the number of goals scored in an individual game, no need to predict who will win the game (like 1X2) or just advices that are mentioned in google or analyzed archive of football tipsters or internet forums.
Experts which sell football picks suggest to follow all matches and to know previous results and stats because these data can increase winning rate of the over-under prognosis. Over/Under predictions may look different or even boring but you should know it is quite interesting and you should be able to make a good prediction to win. It is recommended to use equal stake on each over under odd line.

Half time/Full time predictions
That's intersting football system for experienced football punters who we love those predictions. Here you can use football prediction on the half-time or for the full game time.
You should follow an exact team and check his performance every day in soccer standings, so that could make your prediction more confident. For example: if the team play with strong defence during the first half, they probably won't score any goal. Then, on the second halftime, you can predict the opposite strategy - the team will attack with aggression and then it's very possible to to score goal and the final verdict of football pick to be win. As you see the chance to win with paid prediction is good but you should be know the team stats and performance very well.

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