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  • Football tips Conte pro 1-2 with Liverpool: Tottenham deserved much more. It`s hard to explain defeat - read more

  • Football picks Boudreau on Rutherford`s words: Vancouver is playing as well as it can. Criticism can have a positive effect - read more

  • Football tip Luke Wilkshire: Zakharian is good enough for Chelsea, but why leave Dynamo? This is the best club in the world - read more

  • Football tipster This midfield is a little shitty, one of the weakest in French history. Rothen on the squad - read more

  • Football picks Klopp on Salah: He will be remembered as one of the best strikers we`ve ever seen - read more

  • Football tips Pedri on Barça`s La Liga lead: That was our goal. We want to win the title - read more

  • Football prediction Kyrie Irving was not in the plans of the Lakers (Tha Athletic) - read more

  • Football predictions Rapper Stormzy organized a career development program for blacks in English football. Manchester United and adidas participate - read more

  • Football predictions Zegras fined $1, 500 for hitting Benning with stick - read more

  • Football predictions Sakkari about getting to the final: This is not a surprise, because the last year I have been a top 10 tennis player - read more

  • Football predictions NBA. Chicago lost to Philadelphia at home, 34+17 from Cannis helped Milwaukee beat Atlanta and other results - read more

  • Football prediction Barça are missing too many penalties this season - read more

  • Football tipster Zidane: We stay in the game and we will fight to the end - read more

  • Football tip Take a breath for Nice after three consecutive losses - read more

  • Football prediction RB (Leipzig) is already a real challenge for Bayern for the title - read more

  • Football tipster Lazio is threatened with two official losses - read more

  • Football tips Wolfsburg failed to beat Borussia M and left the third place to Eintracht - read more

  • Football prediction Lewandowski: With the World Club Championship we go down in history - read more

  • Football tip Juventus refused 57 million euros from Liverpool as a reserve defender - read more

  • Football picks Zidane`s assistant confirmed: Ramos and Carvajal out for the match with Alaves - read more

  • Football predictions Arteta does not want to part with Mustafi in January - read more

  • Football prediction Trey Young and Atlanta mocked the bulls - read more

  • Football prediction Real M went on the razor for the fifth consecutive success, but doubts about a penalty remained - read more

  • Football tipsters Mourinho after 1:2 against Liverpool: The better team lost - read more

  • Football predictions Pioli: Milan is a real team, I am surprised by the maturity of the players - read more

  • Football prediction Pirlo: It is impossible to dominate the Champions League for 90 minutes - read more

  • Football tips Fines of $ 2 million for not wearing masks in the NFL - read more

  • Football tip They canceled a Champions League match because of Covid-19 - read more

  • Football picks Real will look for a European feat of Etihad - read more

  • Football predictions Ribery praised Fiorentina`s bosses - read more

  • Football prediction Sarri: We lost because we were looking for victory at all costs! - read more

  • Football prediction Everton have offered Southampton midfielders - read more

  • Football prediction Ronaldo flew in and brought Juve an important victory - read more

  • Football prediction Müller: The whole Bundesliga knows we`re not for writing off - read more

  • Football picks Newcastle won and caught up with Sheffield United - read more

  • Football tipster A very strange penalty helped Athletic Bilbao - Black Friday of San Mames - read more

  • Football tipster Two clubs from England in the battle for Gabigol - read more

  • Football predictions Wijnaldum`s hat and a 5-0 thunder for the Netherlands - read more

  • Football tips Hudson-Odoi: One conversation with Lampard was enough for me to stay at Chelsea! - read more

  • Football tips Sarri: It won`t be easy against Milan - read more

  • Football tips Villarreal failed to beat Bilbao`s goalkeeper - read more

  • Football pick Juventus - Genoa, make up - read more

  • Football pick Mbappe is still Real Madrid`s No. 1 goal for next summer - read more

  • Football prediction Official: Nadal, Djokovic and Murray will play in the Davis Cup Finals - read more

  • Football prediction Jets fired their GM, spent too much on Bell - read more

  • Football tip FA was on the side of sportsmanship - read more

  • Football picks Ceferin and Agnelli are planning a third European club tournament - read more

  • Football tips Nаinggolan: I was bitter about the way I left Roma - read more

  • Football tip Scandalous baseball player suggested that Donald Trump takes over his administration - read more

  • Empoli pulled Atalanta to the ground with a twist and a goal in the final minutes - read more

  • Jose denied the miracle, today he is sure that United will finish in the top 6 - read more

  • Reserves took Everton to a third consecutive win - read more

  • Totti:In a parallel universe, I would be the captain of Ramos - read more

  • Luke Shaw is on line for Watford, Felaini questioned - read more

  • Salah return Liverpool to victory in the worst game of Merseyside since the start of the season - read more

  • Inter looks back at Rafina - read more

  • Sevilla wins on the way to the playoffs - read more

  • Gattuso worried at the start of the Cagliari match - read more

  • Mourinho can surprise everyone with the free transfer of a former City player - read more

  • Confirmed:Lewandowski has requested a transfer immediately - read more

  • Spalletti: `Inter deserves more than anyone else to play in the Champions League!` - read more

  • Chelsea saved the season with FA Cup and victory over United, who only stayed second - read more

  • Courtois: Mourinho always surprises us! - read more

  • Football champion will replace Niko Kovac in Eintracht - read more

  • The coach of the football club Metz left - read more

  • Liverpool picks a second Chelsea talent - read more

  • Michael Carrick got his first football assignment from Mourinho - read more

  • Chievo fired Maran after negative results - read more

  • And Chelsea gave up on Luis Enrique because of his demands - read more

  • Honor for the lack of a trophy:We are close, we will not give up - read more

  • Unwanted draws between La Coruña and Seville - read more

  • They tried to drown Cocu, and Hiddink suffered a little - read more

  • Sammy Kedera:We are one of the best teams in Europe - read more

  • The return of Heinchess made Bayern (again) champion - read more

  • Bale`s agent: `Gareth loves Real and Real loves Gareth!` - read more

  • Diego Simeone:I`m staying because I want Atletico to go up - read more

  • Juventus cracked, but a talent once again demonstrated his tremendous potential - read more

  • Uefa filed a charge against Liverpool - read more

  • West Bromwich fired Pardew after four months and only one victory - read more

  • Lopetegui: `I will not comment on Zidane`s decisions about Isco!` - read more

  • Lopetegui has an interesting idea about Asensio - read more

  • Leicester is ahead of Liverpool and Tottenham for a winger from Portugal - read more

  • St. Etienne has dealt with Guingamp - read more

  • Suicidal rematch to Riasor, Zeedorff still has no victory - read more

  • Southgate called four debutants for the upcoming games - read more

  • Argentine by Zenit Out for a long time - read more

  • Griezmann is looking for a house in Barcelona - read more

  • It`s in question about the Derby derby with Liverpool - read more

  • Emre Can has blocked all transfer talks, he is deciding after the end of the season - read more

  • The cause of Astori`s death is clear - read more

  • A Serbian goalkeeper saves a penalty after a penalty - read more

  • Harden brought Houston to victory over Minnesota in the NBA - read more

  • Arsene Wenger sent scouts for Transfer Goal 1 for the summer - read more

  • NBA has a new king of crashes (video + photos) - read more

  • Break:End of rotation! They needed me to be in shape now - read more

  • Zidane`s expected choice is significantly different to the wishes of fans - read more

  • Kalinic does not train because of a problem with the adductor - read more

  • Which coach gets the highest payout? - read more

  • The masters are your masters! Chavey and Snyder showed how direct free kicks fought - read more

  • Kozlova beat Lizzyki in Taiwan - read more

  • Porto completed the selection of Venezuelan national - read more

  • Barcelona with a surprise transfer from Arsenal - read more

  • Obama`s deputy in Dortmund is already known, writes Bild - read more

  • Atalanta tore Sassuolo as a guest - read more

  • Wicked causes damage for $ 15, 000 in the Dream Field - read more

  • UEFA will delete the gap between the poor and the rich - read more

  • Barca scored a goal after a goal in Sevilla and is already counting the matches to the title - read more

  • The goalkeeper who caught a second penalty of Leo Messi - read more

  • Sevilla captured the new Atletico fortress - read more

  • Inter reserve refused offers from Spain and Turkey - read more

  • Robben:If Bayern does not want me, I will be able to choose in the summer - read more

  • Surprise:Manchester United offered 25 million to Alexis Sanchez - read more

  • Draymond Green has paid a fine for criticism of judging - read more

  • Meet the richest player in the world - read more

  • Amateurs scored two goals for Monaco - read more

  • Fiorentina - Inter (the lineups) - read more

  • The media in England with contradictory information about Mourinho`s future - read more

  • Alegri:Donnarumma? Buffon`s successor is Schiches - read more

  • Positive news about the state of Lukaku - read more

  • Klop clearly and clearly pointed out Liverpool`s goal - read more

  • How did the 2017 football world soccer picks sweep the World Media World Review? - read more

  • Who do we trust - Bayern or Hof? - read more

  • Mourinho returns Mhitariyan to United for the match against Bristol City - read more

  • Bayern has set a cap on transfers - read more

  • A former Juvenile player misses the clash with Bayern - read more

  • A 16-year-old footballer died during a match in Ireland - read more

  • Totti:We should not underestimate Shakhtar - read more

  • Juventus - Inter (the teams) - read more

  • United`s turn without Pong for the derby - read more

  • Burnley outpaced Tottenham - read more

  • Iosil will not play against Huddersfield - read more

  • Las Palmas was not given to Real Sociedad - read more

  • City is changing the equipment, chasing United and Chelsea with the new contract - read more

  • A record buy of 96 was injured - read more

  • 15 years of Cristiano`s first goal - read more

  • Sturridge is determined to leave in January - read more

  • Heinkes talks about the new striker - read more

  • Diballa has fingered for Italy - read more

  • Giggs became director in Vietnam - read more

  • Cristiano insulted Isco - read more

  • They are shooting a documentary about the ace of Real Madrid - read more

  • Golden Reserve brought Villarreal`s victory over Malaga - read more

  • Leicester was close, but Crouch`s specialty was on the menu again - read more

  • Another stadium + another coat = other team - read more

  • Mourinho has no idea when Pogba will return, but he knows about Roho - read more

  • The Rosoners took another loan at a high interest rate - read more

  • A former Real Madrid player will be operated by a tumor - read more

  • Neimar for Babe: I will try to do for him what Messi did for me - read more

  • Dynamo walked away with an important point from Kazan - read more

  • The Chicago bomber may be left without a team - read more

  • Barca follows a trio of Bayer (Leverkusen) - read more

  • The Yankees` babies went to glory - read more

  • Kroos excites his teammates before he visits Belfast - read more

  • They have scored the best 25 games in the history of the Champions League, 3 fights in Milan in the top 5 - read more

  • Rummenigge: `The small clubs want the transfer window to be longer!` - read more

  • Pochettino: `Our goals are the Premier League and the Champions League!` - read more

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