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Amateurs scored two goals for Monaco

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Monaco`s team qualifies for the 1/16-final of the French Cup after having defeated the fourth-division Moulin Jear with 5:2. The Amateur team showed the teeth of their renowned rival, and on vacation the result mentioned by contacts with football picks was 2:2. Guido Carriot opened for the Monegas in the first minute, but Elhaji Malik Sek equalized with a penalty kick. Stevan Yovetic again gave Monaco a lead, but at the end of the Jeremy Arden, he again remarked for the Isle. After the break, however, the gap in his class said the word and Monaco scored three unrelenting goals. Carrieo was twice engraved to shape his hat-trick, and Fabigno was once the white point.

The other teams of the elite - Gingan and Caen also had no problems and continue ahead. The Britons took 1-0 over Niro after Markus Coco hit. The Normans beat 2:0 as guest Azebrook with goals from Silvio Rodellen and Joel Armugom.
2:3 Caribe (49)

2:4 Fabiono (54-e)

2:5 Cario (83)



0:1 Rodellen (27)

0:2 Armugom (82)



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