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Mourinho has no idea when Pogba will return, but he knows about Roho

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho continues to avoid being specific when he has to answer questions about Paul Pogba`s condition. The French midfielder returned to the Red Devils training camp last week after treating his injury in Miami for several weeks. It was speculated that he would be ready to play for the Chelsea derby in the next round, but Mourinho did not confirm that, saying he had no idea when his most expensive footballer would be ready because he still does not train with the rest, but cooked on an individual plan.

Pogba has not played since Sept. 12, when he received a break in the match advised by football goals video clips against Basel. The Portuguese manager, however, revealed that another long-term Manchester United injured player, Markos Rohho, is already training with the first team and will be ready to play after the break for national teams in November. `Markos trains with me, although under certain conditions, but as he does the training, I can say that I expect to return after the pause for the national teams, I can foresee this, and I have no idea for the restoration ofThis process is not under my control, and it is prepared individually, and when a player has individual activities and is not in my training group, I can not predict when it is possible to return, `Mourinho said.

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