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Football prediction RB (Leipzig) is already a real challenge for Bayern for the title

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RB (Leipzig) achieved an easy victory with 3:0 in its visit to Hertha (Berlin) in a match of the 22nd round of the Bundesliga. Julian Nagelsman`s players achieved their fourth victory in the championship predicted by football predictions and with this victory they were only two points closer to the leader in Bayern (Munich). The situation of the Berliners is being suggested more and more, since they already have equal points with Arminia (Bielefeld), which are in 16th place, giving the right to a playoff to stay in the top level of German football.

Leipzig`s players managed to reach the goal even before half an hour of play had passed. Captain Marcel Sabitzer opened the scoring in the 27th minute when he received a good pass, advanced a few meters and shot inescapably, and Hertha goalkeeper Rune Yarstein only looked at the ball.
Five minutes after the start of the second half, the guests had the opportunity to equalize after a great breakthrough by Matheus Tsuna, who, however, did not survive the door, remained face to face with Peter Gulachi.
Nagelsman`s players doubled in the 71st minute - the reserve Mukelele shot, his shot was blocked, but the rebound was lost after an extremely blunder on the edge of the penalty area by Matteo Genduzi and again Mukelele did not make a mistake in the second attempt. In the 84th short play after a corner he sent the ball to captain Sabitzer, he centered excellently and Willy Orban left no chance for Yarstein after a header for the classic 3-0.
Next week, the players of RB (Leipzig) will face Borussia (Monchengladbach), and Hertha will visit the third in the standings Wolfsburg.
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RB (Leipzig) is already a real challenge for Bayern for the title Football prediction - more details and information: Football prediction

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