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Football tip They canceled a Champions League match because of Covid-19

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The match of the preliminary round of the Champions League between the champion of Northern Ireland Linfield and Drita (Kosovo) was canceled about an hour before the scheduled start of the match today. The reason is that a second player of Drita gave a positive test for Covid-19. The cancellation of the match could lead to an official victory for Linfield. According to the new UEFA rules, a club predictions by verified football tips that becomes the reason for not playing a match is responsible for the consequences. These requirements are due to the extremely tight cycle following the forced pause. The winner of today`s match, which was to be played in Nyon, Switzerland, will face Legia (Warsaw) next week in a match of the first qualifying round of the Champions League.

The match was supposed to take place, although last Friday a Drita player gave a positive test. Yesterday, it became clear that the second player of the team from Kosovo is infected and the Swiss authorities have quarantined the entire team. Linfield was notified of the decision not to play the match as they boarded the bus to travel to the stadium. After the news, the team took the same path, but to train.

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