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Football prediction Kevin Durant: It`s always nice to be able to just focus on the game

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Nets star forward Kevin Durant expressed his satisfaction after the win against the Grizzlies (127:115).

It`s always nice to be able to just focus on the game.

We understand that we are being watched closely. The league forecast by football tipping site is getting more and more popular, attracting a lot of attention, so any little thing can be greatly inflated. So if we have the opportunity to think only about the game and grow as a team, that`s great, and our fans will be happy. I think you journalists also support this.

We will try to have as many of these good days as possible and see what happens, " Durant said.

Suspended for anti-Semitism, Kyrie Irving fulfilled all the conditions for returning to the Nets and played in the match with the Grizzlies, scoring 14 points and 5 assists.

Ben Simmons gave the best game of the season - 22 points on 11-of-13 from the field, 5 rebounds and 8 assists.

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