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Football prediction Messi walks a lot, that`s normal. He does not run back, but waits for the moment, remaining the one who makes the difference. Perfect. Ronald de Boer on Leo

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Ronald de Boer praised Lionel Messi`s playing style.

He walks a lot and that`s okay. Messi does not run back, but waits for the right moment to enter the game. Perfect. His teammates accept this role. It still makes a difference.

Messi is perfect. He again scored the first goal, which is the most important. And he`s strong on the ball, ` said the former Dutch international.

Recall that the Netherlands will play with Argentina in the 1/4 finals of the 2022 World Cup.

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 Game: Vissel Kobe - Toyama 
 Kick-off: 12 06 2024, 12:00 
 Prediction: Vissel Kobe -1.75 
 Result: 2:0 
 Status: WON 1/2 

 Game: Atlantis - KuPS Akatemia 
 Kick-off: 12 06 2024, 18:00 
 Prediction: Atlantis -1.5 
 Result: 3:1 
 Status: WON 

 Game: Gamba Osaka - Fukushima Utd 
 Kick-off: 12 06 2024, 12:00 
 Prediction: Gamba Osaka -1.5 
 Result: 3:0 
 Status: WON 

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