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Football tipsters Mika Hakkinen: Verstappen is Red Bull number one but it would be great of him to help Perez

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Mika Hakkinen spoke about the internal tensions at Red Bull at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen decided not to return the position to Sergio Perez despite the indication of the bridge. Verstappen has already secured the title as his team-mate battles for second place with Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc.

The team always comes first, and if there is an agreement on how partners work, it is better to stick to it. None of us know what the exact terms of Max`s agreement with Red Bull are, but it`s obvious that he`s number one - in return, he brought the team two championships.

However, at times Sergio helped Max a lot and together they won the tag team title this season. So it would be great for Max to help Sergio finish second in the drivers` standings - especially now that Ferrari`s Sergio and Charles Leclerc are tied.

I saw that [Red Bull boss] Christian Horner confirmed that the issue was discussed, the hands were shaken, and in Abu Dhabi the team will focus on second place Sergio. It will be interesting to watch.

I can`t wait to see the final via questions for football tips race. The fight for second place in the individual and team standings is alive - it will be interesting. Ferrari wants to beat Mercedes, Charles wants Sergio, a lot is at stake, " the two-time F1 champion wrote in his column.

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