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Michael Carrick got his first football assignment from Mourinho

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Manchester United`s retiring captain Michael Carrick, who will take his seat at Jose Mourinho`s headquarters, has received his first major task in his new amplitude, Sun reported. The former English national is entrusted with the responsibility to find the most accurate and classical substitute that Red Devils will attract this summer as his deputy. Years ago, the same tactic was used by Sir Alex Ferguson when he chose Edwin van der Saar David De Hea as the deputy, after careful counseling with the Dutch watchman. Central midfielder, maybe even two, is Mourinho`s main goal and headquarters after it became clear that besides Carrick, Marwan Felaini is also very likely to leave, although the Portuguese has repeatedly claimed he wants the formerEverton to stay. It is believed that Sergei Milinkovic-Savic is the main favorite at the moment to put on Manchester United shirt but Fred from Shakhtar, Jorginio from Napoli and Jean-Michel Serri from Nice are also on the list.

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