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Positive news about the state of Lukaku

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Manchester United scorer Rumello Lukaku is not worrying. The Belgian suffered an unpleasant injury after being hit in the back after a fight with Wesley Hut in the first minutes of the Southampton match. Subsequently, the medical staff of the Red Devils provided nearly five minutes of assistance to the striker who was immobilized and carried on an oxygen mask. Lukaku was replaced by Marcus Rashford, as his condition did not look good. According to the latest information from Old Trafford, the injury is not heavy and it was not necessary for Everton`s former player to be taken to hospital. His participation in the next match, which is against the former club of Lukaku, is still in question. Under the new FA rules, a footballer who is suspected of having a concussion can not play in the next six days. The club from football predictions has not yet come up with official information about the status of its top scorer.

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