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Kroos excites his teammates before he visits Belfast

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German midfielder Tony Kroes has been using social networks on the eve of a world-class qualifier against Northern Ireland to help out with his teammates.It is enough for Germany to reach even a tie in order to secure first place in group C. `Russia is so close to make the last step today,` wrote Tony Kroos in Twitter.

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 Game  : Novara - Arzachena 
 Kick-off: 24 01 2019, 14:30 
 0 hours and 25 minutes remain 

 Game  : Ajax - Heerenveen 
 Kick-off: 24 01 2019, 20:45 
 6 hours and 40 minutes remain 

 Game  : Vitre - Le Havre 
 Kick-off: 24 01 2019, 18:00 
 3 hours and 55 minutes remain 

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