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15 years of Cristiano`s first goal

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Just over 15 years ago, Real Madrid`s Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first professional goal in his career. On October 7, 2002 Cristiano scored two goals for Sporting (Lisbon) in winning against Morereisen with 3:0. At that time Cristiano was only 17 years old. The teenager is first correct for 2-0 in the 34th minute and in the second minute of the added time shapes the classical victory of the lions from Lisbon.

At the first goal, then the 28-year-old Cristiano takes the ball around the central circle, advances in halfof the guests and finishes their excellent solo action with a not very strong but technical and well-targeted stroke. In the 92nd minute, he sends the ball to the opponent`s head with a head.

Less than a year later, he is now a Manchester United player, and the story is history.

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