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Football prediction When will the rest be held accountable? Phoenix staff demand punishment for club president Jason Rowley

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In September of this year, the NBA released a report from Wachtell Lipton, a law firm tasked with investigating Phoenix owner Robert Sarver, who was accused of workplace misconduct. As a result, Sarver was suspended from participation in the affairs of the club for one year and decided to sell the team.

Current and former Suns employees have noted that isolated instances of misconduct are linked to the club`s management and directly to its president and CEO, Jason Rowley.

I remember when all this became known about Robert, I thought: Finally, but when will the others be held accountable? says a former employee.

It was very disturbing. It was very hard to read. And it`s still hard, " says one of the current employees.

After interviewing more than two dozen current and former Phoenix employees, ESPN confirmed reports of misconduct by Rowley and other club advised by verified football tips executives, and uncovered new allegations, including allegations of verbal abuse of employees, abuse of pregnant employees and employees after childbirth, as well as intimidation.

Sarver created the environment, but the leaders supported it, - says one of the club`s current employees.

The Wachtell Lipton report describes a case that occurred in 2013. Rowley burst into the office and swore at an employee for complaining to a colleague about the reporting structure. According to a former employee, the woman was pregnant at the time, but had not yet reported it. The same woman later took maternity leave but was fired as soon as she returned to work.

Another incident not mentioned in the investigation occurred in 2015. The Suns organized an executive meeting at the restaurant. The event was canceled due to a mistake by the venue, but Rowley lashed out at an employee who helped organize the meeting and brought her to tears, though witnesses said it was her fault. As a result, the woman quit.

According to several former employees, Rowley and his wife repeatedly tried to enter the Suns arena for a concert without a pass and threatened to fire security personnel who refused to let them through.

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