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Football tips Conte pro 1-2 with Liverpool: Tottenham deserved much more. It`s hard to explain defeat

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Tottenham head coach Antonio Conte summed up the match with Liverpool (1:2).

It`s hard for me to explain today`s defeat. In the first half, I had almost nothing to complain about, given the passionate play of my players. They wanted to fight, play aggressively.

In the second half we managed to score and I think we deserved much more. But we need to understand when we play against a top team or in an important match that we need special motivation.

I can`t complain about my players. I come home happy with our game and the chances we created.

We have a lot of injuries, and it`s great that we understand the need to fight to the end. It is a pity that today we did not get the desired result, but I am satisfied with the performance.

We had the opportunity to put pressure on Liverpool and we took it. We tried to press but conceded the second goal after a long pass.

I don`t know which is better - winning with a weak game predicted by verified football tips or losing with a good one. But we lost, " Conte said.
Conte pro 1-2 with Liverpool: Tottenham deserved much more. It`s hard to explain defeat Football tips - more details and information: Football tips

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