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Las Palmas was not given to Real Sociedad

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The teams of Real Sociedad and Las Palmas ended without a victory in their match from watch online football from the 13th round of La Liga. The San Mamas meeting in San Sebastian ended with a score of 2:2. Real Sociedad is ranked seventh with 19 points, and Las Palmas has put an end to his 8 consecutive losses, but the point won today does not really help the 19th with just 7 points.

In the 21st minute Tana Dominguez managed to bring Las Palmas ahead of the score with a head close to the goal. Ten minutes later, Villian Jose equalized with a very nice goal. He mastered excellently the ball after a pass on the left, entered the penalty area of the Canary Islands team and with a powerful jump stretched the net behind Raul Lisaine.

In the 62nd minute Adnan Janusay was left alone in the penalty area of Las Palmas from the visitors` defense and sent a ball to the net for 2:1. The Basques, however, failed to keep their lead in the score. Just 4 minutes after Janusay Jonathan`s victory, Vera equalized. The home team`s goalkeeper, Heronimo Rui, crossed his head outside his penalty area, leading a pass to Las Palmas, but managed to direct the ball to Vieira, who scored 2:2 with a precise transfer. In the added time, Alvaro Odoriosola from Real Sociedad received a second yellow card respectively.



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