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Barca follows a trio of Bayer (Leverkusen)

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Three players of Bayer (Leverkusen) are in the Spanish Grand Barcelona radar, according to Catalan Sport, pointing out that Losecole sports director Roberto Fernandez and his assistant Urbano Ortega have watched the players` performances at the 2: 2 draw of the aspirinWolfsburg on Sunday.

From Barca they have glanced at the central defender Jonathan Ta and the wings Julian Brant and Leon Bailey. The 21-year-old Ta and Brant are already national to Germany, and 20-year-old Jamaican Bailey has 6 Leverkusen matches by verified football tips since the start of the Bundesliga season. It is distinguished by good physics and good technical possibilities for a defender. It is estimated to cost around 25 million euros, followed by clubs from the Premier League. Julian Brant is considered one of the great young talents in German football right now. It is defined as a universal wing with excellent technique and is believed to cost around 30 million euros, but aspirins at this stage do not intend to sell it. Bailey stands out with speed. Sport also points out that Barca`s 20-year-old back-end Benny Henriks was in Barca`s last season, but the Catalans have already stepped into a right-wing defender with Nelson Semedo.

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