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Kalinic does not train because of a problem with the adductor

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Milan will almost certainly not rely on striker Nikola Kalinic for the JPA fight this weekend. The Croatian felt pain in the adductor and missed the drills on Thursday. He did not take part in today`s workout due to the inflammation of the adductor. The pain there is quite unpleasant and together we decided to start treatment for her. We will monitor the situation in the near hours, `said Dr. Stefano Mazzoni. He also commented on what happened to other injured players in the Milan infirmary.

Ricardo Rodriguez has already recovered from the problem of trying and renewing his training. Andrea Conti is currently only involved in parts of the classes and Gatuso is pleased with him. For the time being, he is working on getting used to the fight again and on the ground, but he has yet to get into optimal shape, probably taking another month. We will closely monitor his condition in our laboratory, `added the doctor.

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