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Football picks Zidane`s assistant confirmed: Ramos and Carvajal out for the match with Alaves

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Coredvirus-infected Zinedine Zidane`s assistant, David Betoni, said Real Madrid`s coach was feeling well and confirmed the injuries that would cause several important Los Blancos players, including Sergio Ramos and Daniel Carvajal, to miss. the meeting with Alaves tomorrow night.

`I talked to him this morning and he feels very well, but he is sad that he cannot be with us. Physically he will not be with us, but he will support us with all his strength during the match.

Valverde is injured, Real Madrid with a crippled squad against Alaves

Sergio Ramos continues his recovery process and will not be with us tomorrow. he trains normally, `Betoni explained. As for the situation with Norwegian midfielder Martin Jodegor, who is about to be transferred to Arsenal, Zidane`s assistant said: `I`m not very familiar with what is happening with Martin. I`m an assistant coach and there are some thingswho I don`t follow very closely, so I can`t answer in particular. He is an important member of the team and we will see what happens to him in the coming days. `

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