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Courtois: Mourinho always surprises us!

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The goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois expects Jose Mourinho to take the bag with surprises during the England Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester United on Saturday. He manages to surprise us in every game we play, he has different systems to use, sometimes has three defenders, sometimes four, always finds something, and it`s sure to be a good gameI hope Chelsea will be a winner, and the season has gone through ups and downs, and we all hope it will come to a halt!', said Courtois. `Yes, we know how Mourinho went out in every game by football goals video clips against us in recent years, but that does not matter!`, he added.

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 Game  : G.A. Eagles - Feyenoord 
 Kick-off: 25 04 2024, 21:00 
 11 hours and 7 minutes remain 

 Game  : IH Hafnarfjordur - Hafnir 
 Kick-off: 25 04 2024, 18:30 
 8 hours and 37 minutes remain 

 Game  : Eik-Tonsberg - Fredrikstad 
 Kick-off: 25 04 2024, 18:00 
 8 hours and 7 minutes remain 

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