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Mourinho can surprise everyone with the free transfer of a former City player

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho can save a fair amount of his transfer budget by taking a very surprising move. According to the Manchester Evening News, the Portuguese may turn to former midfielder City City Toure Yaya. The 35-year-old boxer has now split up with `the citizens, ` but shortly after, his agent, after yesterday`s reproaches to Joceph Guardiola, said Toure would play in any of the Premier League`s top 6 for a symbolic salary of 1pound a week. Mourinho has already attracted Fred, who has to replace Michael Carrick`s career. United, however, needs at least one midfielder, provided Marwan Felaini leaves as expected. The Manchester Evening News calculates that Mourinho has already spent 47% of the total amount he gave for new recruits last summer. Besides another midfielder, the Portuguese wants a left back and a central defender. This means that perhaps the Specialist will have to give up one of his goals or seek an alternative by attracting such an experienced free agent as Toure Yaya. The release adds that the player himself would gladly accept such a proposal to stay one more season in big football.

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