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They are shooting a documentary about the ace of Real Madrid

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Real Madrid`s midfielder Toni Kroos will be filming a documentary about his life, revealed Bild. Photos will start in early December, and the band`s premiere will be next year. The director of the film is Leopold Hosch, who is known for his work on such a project for basketball star Dick Nowitzki. He is also the film `The Miracle of Bern`, dedicated to the first world title in Germany since 1954. `Leopold contacted me and explained to me what his idea was, and we`ve already shot a few scenes, ` Kroos confirmed.

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 Game  : KA Akureyri - Fylkir 
 Kick-off: 10 06 2023, 16:00 
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 Game  : Manchester City - Inter 
 Kick-off: 10 06 2023, 21:00 
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 Game  : United Nordic - Motala 
 Kick-off: 10 06 2023, 16:00 
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