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Salah return Liverpool to victory in the worst game of Merseyside since the start of the season

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Liverpool broke his series of four consecutive matches in all the tournaments predicted by football-capper without a win after winning 1:0 over Huddersfield at John Smith Stadium. The only goal was Mohamed Salah in the 24th minute. It was one of two accurate Merseyside blows that played perhaps the worst match in the league since the start of the season. Moreover, hosts who have not scored a goal at home since April have created more dangers in the front. However, Liverpool continues to maintain the pace of the champion Manchester City, with both teams having 23 points on top of the standings.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop had made three changes in comparison to the Manchester City derby. Daniel Sturridge and Djerdan Shakirri started as Mohammed Salah`s partners in the attack. Roberto Firmino stayed on the bench for the start, while Sadio Mane, who has a broken finger, did not fall into the band for today. Adam Lalana also returned to the squad after an injury. It started at the expense of Georgin Vainillum. Nakhi Keita missed the match because of an injury.

Floran Haderdon was the holder of Huddersfield, while La Parra remained on the bench.

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