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NBA has a new king of crashes (video + photos)

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Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz team won the star-ending competition in the National Basketball League of the United States and Canada (NBA). In the final, the newcomer in the league by buy football tips was over Larry Nans Jr. from the Cleveland team with 98-96, and in his most important experience showed Vince Carter`s 360-degree crash in the race 18 years ago.

`I really wanted a lot of victory, it`s one of my favorite weekend races and I find it hard to believe that I was not only taking part in it but also winning it, ` Mitchell said after the end.

Shortly before Mitchell`s final crash, Nans won 50 points from his experience and stayed close to the victory his father had won 34 years ago.

`While I was growing up, I was doing very well with the crashes I was not very strong in the game but just dug and played in defense I watched a lot of videos with Vince`s performances that I even rarely missed his game. I have not done it for half a year and tried this morning, but I did not get it, `Nans explained.

Earlier, Devin Booker of Phoenix won the Threesome Race with a record 28 points in the final round, defeating Clay Thompson of the Golden State champion and Tobias Harris of Los Angeles Clippers in 2016.

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 Game: Nomme Utd - Kalju 
 Kick-off: 19 07 2024, 18:30 
 Prediction: Kalju -1 
 Result: 0:4 
 Status: WON 

 Game  : Galway - Longford 
 Kick-off: 19 07 2024, 20:45 
 Game has started 

 Game: Hvidovre IF - Koge 
 Kick-off: 19 07 2024, 19:00 
 Prediction: Hvidovre IF -1.5 
 Result: 1:0 
 Status: Lost 

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