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Wicked causes damage for $ 15, 000 in the Dream Field

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Thousands of dollar damages were caused by a truck vandal at Dyersville, Iowa, where the classic film Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner was shot in 1989 in Field of Dreams (1989). The wicked has deliberately crossed his heavy-duty vehicle with the heavy-duty vehicle first, then traveled the outfit, leaving deep traces of lawn and sham pavement and destroying part of the irrigation system. `Someone who is emotionally or mentally unbalanced has been aiming to damage the terrain, and it`s very disappointing, ` said owner Dunes Telegraph Herald, owner of the property, Dennis Stillman. She specified that the soil was soft because of the warm weather and the rains in the last days rains and this further aggravates the damage done.

Yesterday, Stillman opened an accumulation account to collect $ 15, 000 to repair the damage. During the first day of the day, $ 3600 of fans and donors came in. The Field of Dreams attracts about 70, 000 tourists annually to the 4, 000th Dyersville town. Typically, the course is open to visitors from April 1 to October 31 and the owner announces that it does not plan a change despite the upcoming repairs. `Many people travel from all over the world to see the Field of Dreams, and not every one of them checks on Facebook whether we work or not, ` Stillman commented. `So we just have to go onwe work as we do before. `

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