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Football predictions Ribery praised Fiorentina`s bosses

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The veteran Franck Ribery said he was very pleased with the club`s management`s decision to vote of confidence in the head coach Giuseppe Iachini for the next season. The Violets are in the middle of the Serie A standings and have failed to qualify for the European tournaments, but they have shown progress in recent matches and Ribery is of the opinion that this trend will continue.

`Florence is a very beautiful city, I like it here. I`m happy, and that`s the most important thing. The news of Iachini`s stay makes me happy. He deserves it because he did a very good job. I think it was a good move.`, Ribery said.

`The most important thing is that we are constantly progressing and developing as a team. There is still something to improve, but with a few new additions we will be a much stronger team.`, added the Frenchman. Ribery joined Fiorentina last summer from Bayern (Munich). He has played 21 games predicted by verified football tips in Serie A, scoring 3 goals and giving 3 assists.

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