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Spaleti:Inter deserves more than anyone else to play in the Champions League

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Inter Milan`s coach Luciano Spalletti thinks his team deserves more than Lazio to play in the top 4 of Italy and to play in the Champions League respectively. Both teams face a direct clash for a place in the Fours of Apennines today at 21, 45 o`clock in the Olympics and only the victory will qualify `neradzuri` in the most prestigious European club via verified football tips tournament. No one can say he deserves more than Inter in WL We have struck the beam 13 times more than Lazio My team has fallen into a crisis but has returned to the winning road at the right time We have played many matches, `I think my players deserve a place in the Champions League, ` said Spallet before the major clash in the capital.

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 Kick-off: 15 12 2018, 15:00 
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 Kick-off: 15 12 2018, 16:00 
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 Game  : Manchester City - Everton 
 Kick-off: 15 12 2018, 13:30 
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