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Football pick Juventus - Genoa, make up

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Champion Juventus returned to the top in Serie A after a difficult 2-1 home win over Genoa in the Serie A interim 10th round. added match time. Both teams played a 10-man match mentioned by watch online football after being expelled in the second half by the Janoa Rabio of Juventus. Juventus `advance was given by captain Leonardo Bonucci in the 35th minute, and after a mistake in Juventus` defense, Genoa returned the draw in the 41st through Quame. The duel was coming to an end when Ronaldo took matters into his own hands and brought the Old Lady to victory. So Juventus collected 26 points and moved from the top to Inter, which was second in 25.

Mega-star Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the Bianconeri, who missed Lecce`s visit on Saturday (1:1). Gonzalo Higuain and Miralem Panic, who have been injured since the last round, remain out of coach Maurizio Sarri`s accounts. Long-term outs are Giorgio Kielini and Mario Mandzukic. The hosts came out with their fourth team.

Juventus started very strongly and reached their first opportunity in the 5th minute when Paulo Dybala was fouled in front of the penalty box. However, the door knock did not work. Torintsi attacked incessantly, with gaps in front of the door distinguished Bernadeski and Paulo Dybala, who made a very nice shot, and for Genoa the opportunity to score had Pinamonti. After about half an hour of play, Cristiano Ronaldo recalled for himself, having mastered a ball in front of the penalty area, advanced and fired low, but keeper Radu saved.

That made it to the 35th minute when the result was discovered. After a corner kick, Genoa`s goalkeeper failed to score and was intercepted by Leonardo Bonucci, who headed the ball into the net. Juventus came close to scoring the second after an individual breakthrough from Paulo DiBala, who shot treacherously diagonally, but Radu saved.

In the 41st minute, Genoa leveled after a rough mistake by Juventus` defense when he passed the ball after a pass from Alex Sandro was intercepted. She fell at the feet of Christian Cuame, who, from an ideal position in the front of the door, was able to send her into the empty door that had come out of Buffon.

Shortly after the resumption of the game, Genoa was left with less man after Cassata received a second yellow card for a foul midfield against Dybala.

The guests were more mobilized in the coming minutes and even took the initiative for a short while. In the 60th minute Ronaldo passed to Dybala on the penalty line, the Argentine dropped the ball to Kedira, but was late. In the 65th, Dybala fired from the penalty area after receiving the ball from Bententur, but his shot was repelled by Radu. In the 73rd minute, there were two situations in front of Genoa`s door. First Radu pulled the ball shortly before crossing the line with his full volume, and then Onalldo struck his head, but could not find the outline of the door from a small angle.

The Turinos continued their search for a winning goal, and knocks on Genoa`s door were made by Ronaldo and Bernadeski, who Football pick - more details and information: Football pick

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