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Porto completed the selection of Venezuelan national

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Defender Jordan Osorio is the last new addition to Porto. The dragons drew the 23-year-old defender from Tondela. Osorio is a national of Venezuela and is distinguished by speed, good technique and strong punch. Since the beginning of the season he has recorded 15 games via buy football tips and 3 goals in the Portuguese Championship. Porto is ranked 2nd in the 49-point ranking, but a match less than Sporting (Lisbon), which has 50 points. This weekend the dragons take Braga into the derby of the 21st round.

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 Game: Dobrudzha - Litex Lovech 
 Kick-off: 1 12 2023, 13:00 
 Prediction: Dobrudzha -1.25 
 Result: 0:1 
 Status: Lost 

 Game  : ASC Hayab - CDC Q7 
 Kick-off: 1 12 2023, 15:30 
 Game has started 

 Game  : Oss - De Graafschap 
 Kick-off: 1 12 2023, 20:00 
 3 hours and 23 minutes remain 

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