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Football prediction Pirlo: It is impossible to dominate the Champions League for 90 minutes

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The head coach of the Italian Juventus Andrea Pirlo is pleased with the attitude of his players in the match with Dynamo (Kiev) yesterday, which ended 3-0 for the Old Lady. He also praised one of the strikers - Alvaro Morata, who scored in the match in question.

`We took a risk at the end of the first half, but that`s normal. It`s impossible to dominate 90 minutes in this tournament predictions by verified football tips because you always play against very good teams. The opponents tried to equalize at one point, so wewe had to defend ourselves. But overall I`m happy with the boys` approach to this match. `He then focused on Morata`s performance: `Alvaro Morata arrived at Juventus very young and then returned much more mature as a player and as a person after his time in Madrid and London. He is happy here. He doesn`t feel pressure and that helps him show the best game he is capable of. We wanted to see him in our ranks and we are glad that he returned to Juventus. Yesterday he scored and showed a very good level, `concluded Andrea Pirlo. Juventus has long advanced to the Champions League, but with 12 points - 3 after Barcelona, ranks 2nd in Group `G`.

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