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Football prediction Müller: The whole Bundesliga knows we`re not for writing off

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Experienced Thomas Muller has not lost the belief that Bayern Munich can defend his German title this season as well. After 14 rounds, the champions are in seventh position - 7 points from the leader Borussia Monchengladbach. The whole Bundesliga knows we are not for writing off - even when out of shape. If we can win our last four games for the fall, we will be able to go on holiday with our heads held high, Muller said.

Hansi Flick: I like Bayern`s game, but goals and points are important

`Although we conceded two consecutive defeats, I think we are heading in the right direction, ` said the former national. `I don`t remember ever losing with Bayern intwo consecutive meetings and the press to praise us for the game. I`m feeling a little awkward. In these games by football predictions we didn`t just miss a lot of chances, it often happened that we were literally ten inches away from the goal. Tomorrow against Tottenham we will have two reasons whywe need to win: we want to consolidate dominanceand in the group by winning the sixth victory in six games, and we want to go back on the road to victory.

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