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Football prediction Trey Young and Atlanta mocked the bulls

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The Atlanta Hawks have had a stunning start to the NBA season. The Hawks took advantage of any inaccuracies in the defensive plan of the Chicago Bulls, scoring 83 points in one half, which won their opening match with the `bulls` with the final 124:104 (42:29, 41:30, 28:20, 13:25) in the hall of Bulls - `United Center`.

New additions Danilo Galinari and Bogdan Bogdanovic made good debuts for Atlanta. The Italian scored 13 points, while the Serbian left 15 points and 7 rebounds from the bench. The big star of the match according questions for football tips was the playmaker Trey Young, who finished the `bulls` by halftime. The guard scored 37 points for the victory, supplementing with 6 rebounds and 7 assists. Kam Redish scored 15, John Collins scored 14 and De Andre Andre Hunter and Kevin Herter added 13 and 11 points respectively.

For Chicago, Zack LaVein was the best with 22 points, Laurie Markanen added 21 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists, a No4 pick in the Draft Patrick Williams scored 16 points and Otto Porter Jr. scored 15 points and took 5 rebounds.
On Saturday night against Sunday from 00:00 Atlanta visited the Memphis Grizzlies, and three hours later Chicago hosted the Indiana Pacers.

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