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The Chicago bomber may be left without a team

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Chicago`s Wing Bobby Portis sent his teammate and rival to the pitch, Nicholas Mirotic, in a hospital after a crackdown. The Arkansas health worker caused fractures of facial bones and brain contusion to his European teammate, and the consequences of the wrangling between them could cost a lot to Portis. The 22-year-old basketball player will have to give explanations to people from the NBA leadership and a conference call has already been arranged with the League office in New York. Surely Portis will be sanctioned by Bulls, but after the bosses of the Association, things can get a whole lot worse. The variants start from being punished and not playing a certain number of meetings, while not receiving salary and reaching the most extreme measure - a unilateral termination of his contract.

The 211-centimeter Portis was chosen from Chicago under No. 22 in the Draft in 2015, and in both of his seasons as a professional he has averaged 6. 8 points and 5. 00 rebounds in 126 fights. According to several independent sources, the hatred between the two involved dates back to several seasons, and Mirotic set fire to the spark that led to his teammate`s blows.

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