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The media in England with contradictory information about Mourinho`s future

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Jose Mourinho`s future in Manchester United has surprisingly become one of the main topics in today`s English media editions. According to `Daily Mail` and `Sun` it is very likely that the Portuguese will leave after the end of the season. The editions refer to the fact that Special has spent less time in Manchester and used every opportunity to go to his home in London. At the same time, Mourinho was dissatisfied with the lack of enough support from the board for his January transfer goals. Again, the argument that the Special is tempted by the opportunity to take Pari Saint-Germain is added. At the same time, Telegraph said that the club has already begun negotiations to extend Mourinho`s contract. This agreement expires in the summer of 2019, but there is an option to extend it by an additional 12 months - by June 2020. Telegraph does not reveal what Manchester United`s new proposal will be, but says Mourinho is bound to bind his future to the Old Trafford club analyzed by football tipping site for the long term. The newspaper adds that negotiations have been advanced over the last month and are ongoing.

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