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Unwanted draws between La Coruña and Seville

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The Deportivo La Coruna and Sevilla teams failed to defeat their match in the 33rd round of the Primera Division. The Riasor match advised by record of football predictions ended in a 0-0 draw, and it was not good for either of the two teams, as hosts need points in the elite survival battle while the guests are fighting for the Europa League.

The first half was slightly superior to Seville, with the guests creating the more dangerous situations. In the 14th minute a dangerous shot by Carlos Fernandes passed the door. Four years later, Guido Pizarro received a magnificent centering in the penalty, but his shot was saved by the goalie. In the 40th minute, Ever Banega fired from the border of the penalty area but in the off, and in the 43rd minute Carlos Fernandes missed perhaps the best opportunity by being drawn alone against the goal keeper, but he could not overcome it. The second part of the game was more even, with both teams having their options, but they showed serious problems when completing their attacks. In the 46th minute, Pedro Moskera received a great pass from the penalty spot, but he missed the ball and the ball went just over the bar. In the 50th minute, Celta responded with a shot of Korea that had passed dangerously near the door. In the 87th minute Selso Borges fired an average distance but the ball flashed to the crossbar. Finally, goals never fell, with both teams satisfied with one point. After this match, La Coruna remains in the danger zone in 18th place in the ranking with 27 points. Sevilla remains in 7th place with 48 points.



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