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Which coach gets the highest payout?

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Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola is expected to be the first-largest player in the annual salary, sources from the AS newspaper reported. The Catalan specialist is writing for 19 million euros. Second in salary is his rival in Premier League Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese signed a new contract with Manchester United, according to which he is collecting about 16 million euros per season.

Surprisingly, Atletico Madrid`s Diego Simeone, with 15 million, is the third. El Cholo initiates a new contract with mattresses by 2020. The Argentine has received a solid increase in his salary, but is not expected to fulfill his contract. The fourth is the former coach of Shanghai SIPG with 13, 5 million. Arsene Wenger is the fifth with 10 million euros. Real Madrid`s European champion Zinedine Zidane is on the sixth place with 9,5 million euros per year. Jurgen Klopp (8,3), Antonio Conte (7,8), Massimiliano Allegri (7), and Mauricio Pochettino (6,6) complete the ten. Curiously, the wealthy from Paris Saint-Germain give only 3 million to the season of their coach Unai Emery.

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