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Emre Zhang has blocked all talks, deciding after the end of the season

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Liverpool`s German midfielder Emre Zhang said he would decide where he will continue his career after the end of this season. The 24-year-old footballer has blocked all talks in his desire to concentrate entirely on his appearances on the pitch at the moment. One of Jan`s main nominees for a contract with Merseyside expires at the end of the season is the Italian Grand Prix Juventus, and lately there is evidence that Real Madrid is also interested in the player. Zhang is already entitled to sign a pre-contract with another club, but insists he has not decided hard on his future and does not rule out the possibility of staying with Anfield.

I have not signed up with any club, I have concentrated on the remaining games by watch online football during the season. We want to finish second in the league, we are in the Champions League 1/4 final and we want to progress. That`s what I`ve been focusing on, Liverpool echo Zhang. My agent has blocked all negotiations, I think only about football, added the midfielder.

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