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Mourinho returns Mhitariyan to United for the match against Bristol City

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has hinted that exiled play-maker Henryh Mhhhtiaryan will be returned to the team for the match against Bristol City in the quarterfinals of the League Cup tournament. The Red Devils will be staging at Ashton Gate on Wednesday and the hosts have been in excellent shape since the start of the season, taking third place in the Championship. They also removed the elite Watford, Stoke City and Crystal Palace from the tournament.

`I can make some changes in the team, but not too much because Bristol City is one of the best teams in the Championship, ` Mourinho said.

He has not played for United since November, last time taking part in a 1-0 victory over Brighton.

`The current Championship is not the one that was 5 or 10 years ago, it`s full of players who can easily play in the Premier League, and there are also many good teams, and we have to get to the match really seriously, ` he added. Mourinho.

In any case, Sergio Romero is going to stand on the door of United, who also keeps the previous two matches advised by contacts with football picks in the tournament. Out of the match is Captain Antonio Valencia, who has problems in the thigh, and his place will most likely be occupied by Axel Twainzebe, who did not play in the match of the team with Leicester on Monday. It is possible to take part in the game by Paul Pogba, whose three-game penalty has expired.

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