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Football tipster This midfield is a little shitty, one of the weakest in French history. Rothen on the squad

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Jerome Rotin is unhappy with France`s squad for the 2022 World Cup.

The former PSG player believes that the midfielders who will go to the World Cup as part of the French team make up one of the weakest midfields in the history of the national team.

This is mistake. Deschamps surprised me a little, because before he always had a plan of action. After Euro 2020, the team needed to be updated and Deschamps did it. We often played with three defenders, but it takes time to get used to this formation.

In recent matches, France have had poor results. All because we have a weak midfield - even if Deschamps doesn`t admit it to himself. He thinks: Then I will make the defense even tighter.

We are all used to the four defender formation. The principles of the game analyzed by football tipping site are known, but there are players who are not very comfortable in certain positions, they do not want to play there (we are probably talking about Benjamin Pavard, who does not like to play on the right in defense -).

But I understand that because our midfield is a bit of a mess. In my opinion, this midfield is one of the weakest in the history of the French team, - said Rothen.

The following midfielders will be included in the French squad for the 2022 World Cup: Eduardo Camavinga (Real Madrid), Youssouf Fofana (Monaco), Matteo Guendouzi (Marseille), Adrienne Rabiot (Juventus), Aurelien Tchouameni (Real Madrid), Jordan Veretout (Marseille), KingsleyComan (Bavaria) and Ousmane Dembele (Barcelona).
This midfield is a little shitty, one of the weakest in French history. Rothen on the squad Football tipster - more details and information: Football tipster

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