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Heinkes talks about the new striker

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Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes confirmed the club`s interest in the German national Sandro Wagner of Hoffenheim. `When you have an interest in a player who has a contract, you must first talk to the club, and you can negotiate, and then things can happen, ` said the coach. He said Bayern`s sports director Hassan Salihamidic spoke to Hoffenheimer Aleksandar Rossen, `to determine if he had such an opportunity because he is an important player for Hoffenheim. `Wagner, who has four goals and two assists in the Bundesliga this season, will be taken to the reserve by Robert Lewandowski, who is the leader of the goal scorers with 11 goals. Heynke added: `Usually these negotiations are extremely difficult in the winter. `

Sandro Wagner can return to his hometown. He joined Bayern as a youth in 1995 and recorded four men`s matches in the Bundesliga before going to Duisburg in 2008.

29-year-old Wagner has five goals in seven matches from verified football tips for Germany`s national team.

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 Kick-off: 25 04 2024, 21:00 
 8 hours and 7 minutes remain 

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 Kick-off: 25 04 2024, 18:30 
 5 hours and 37 minutes remain 

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 Kick-off: 25 04 2024, 18:00 
 5 hours and 7 minutes remain 

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