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Luke Shaw is on line for Watford, Felaini questioned

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho said the defender Luke Shaw is in good shape and will be able to play in the upcoming match with Watford. On Saturday, Shaw was pulled out on a stretcher and an oxygen mask on his face as he fell heavily during the England League match against Spain from the League of Nations. Fortunately, however, the left-back trauma is not heavy, and he is ready for the upcoming London tournament of the unstoppable team of hurricanes. Mourinho added that Marouan Felaini is questionable about the fight, and Andre Herrera will not play because he suffered ankle injury during a training session. The Portuguese manager added that defenders Diogo Dalot and Markos Rohos will play for the doubles against Reding tonight and if they can play 90 minutes they will play full-time in the training of the first team from the beginning of next week.

Mourinho, however, did not spend much time on the upcoming match from football tipping site after he started telling the striker Marcus Rashford. Rashford made England`s only 1-0 victory over Spain, and on Tuesday he scored the only goal for the 1-0 victory over Switzerland in control. `Of course I`m happy that Marcus is playing well for England, he was fighting and managed to score two goals, which is great, ` said Mourinho, who was criticized for not giving the young team enough chances. `Since I`ve been a manager for two seasons, Marcus has 105 United matches, 5744 minigames, or over 63 90-minute matches, including 5 finals - an incredible number of top-level games, ` said Mourinho, but he did not promise that Rashford would start against the Watford champions.

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