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The goalkeeper who caught a second penalty of Leo Messi

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Barcelona`s superstar Lionel Messi could not help his team to win this season, and blauranas retreated to Espanyol with a 1-0 win in the first quarterfinals of the King`s Cup. The flea missed a penalty in the 62nd minute, and it was his 21th pass from 86 performances with the Los Cules team.

It`s curious that Espanyol goalie Diego Lopez, who is a famous duo, is saving the 11-meter shot of Messi for the second time and is a record-holder, the Madrid newspaper Marka writes. The other such case is January 31, 2008 when Lopez keeps the Villarreal door and is now under the Queen`s Parrot Cup, otherwise Pau is the top choice of coach Kicke Sanchez Flores in the Primera Liga Championship.

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