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Football tips Wolfsburg failed to beat Borussia M and left the third place to Eintracht

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Wolfsburg and Borussia (Monchengladbach) failed to win and ended in a draw 0:0 in a match of the 21st round of the Bundesliga. Thus, the hosts missed their chance to climb again to the third place, previously occupied by Eintracht (Frankfurt) and remained fourth with 39 points, the guests are seventh with 33.
Wolves may regret the hiccup more after missing out on good opportunities at their own expense. They had the opportunity to find the result before the first ten minutes of the match, when first Kevin Mbabu shot with his head after a good cross in the penalty area, and shortly after that Bote Baku saw Jan Sommer reflect his shot. Xavier Schlager shot dangerously in the 29th, but again in the goalkeeper.
In the second half, several good positions were also missed by the hosts. In the 63rd minute, John Brooks even aimed at the left pillar of Sommer, and the goalkeeper seemed to expect the ball to go out and did not react. Ten minutes later, Mbabu jumped over the defense again, but made a weak shot. The guests became more active in the last ten minutes and tried to put the game forecast by record of football predictions in front, but failed to seriously threaten Cohen Castells.
The last pass in the 91st minute was again at the expense of Wolfsburg, when Schlager again shot dangerously past the crossbar, but even created a visual deception that the ball entered the door and joy in the wolves` bench, which was quickly scalded. In the next round Wolfsburg hosts Arminia (Bielefeld) and Borussia M welcomes Mainz.
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Wolfsburg failed to beat Borussia M and left the third place to Eintracht Football tips - more details and information: Football tips

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