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Football prediction Lewandowski: With the World Club Championship we go down in history

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Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski is ambitious to help the team win the Club World Cup. If they win the tournament, the Bavarians will end an incredible season in which they won the Bundesliga, the German Cup, the Champions League, the European Super Cup and the German Super Cup. `If we win the Club World Cup, we will make one of the greatest achievements in the history of football. We know we are very close, but we have to stay focused 100 percent. It would be really special. Not just for Bayern, but also for Germany, `Lewandowski said. Tomorrow Bayern will start its participation in the tournament with a match advised by football livescore against Al Ahly in the semifinals. `For us, this is a new challenge. The best European team against the best of other continents. It will be special, but we are ready. We won everything that could be won in 2020. This is the last possible trophy, ` he added. he.

The striker also spoke about the challenges of the current season, which is different due to the pandemic, delays and the tight cycle: `Because of the pandemic we play more or less every 3 or three. This is a big, big challenge for every team, not just us. Usuallyyou have a week, sometimes two, between matches. There is also a European Championship after the season. It is a big challenge, but we are ready because we knew something like that would happen. `Lewandowski continues his incredible form during the current campaign. He has 24 goals in 19 games. `I`ve been listening for years to how this is the best Lewandowski. It doesn`t matter how old I am. I can still improve my game and I try to do it. But I know I feel good. I try to be at my best. level every season, `said the Pole.

Lewandowski: With the World Club Championship we go down in history Football prediction - more details and information: Football prediction

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 Game: Nomme Utd - Kalju 
 Kick-off: 19 07 2024, 18:30 
 Prediction: Kalju -1 
 Result: 0:4 
 Status: WON 

 Game  : Galway - Longford 
 Kick-off: 19 07 2024, 20:45 
 Game has started 

 Game: Hvidovre IF - Koge 
 Kick-off: 19 07 2024, 19:00 
 Prediction: Hvidovre IF -1.5 
 Result: 1:0 
 Status: Lost 

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