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Football prediction Sobolenko that she has found inner peace: The tiger is in place, believe me. I have it inside me and I`m ready to fight. It shows up when needed.

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Fifth racket of the world Arina Sobolenko told how she learned to keep her cool on the court.

I`ve been working on this aspect of the game mentioned by watch online football for four or five years now, but something has changed since last season. I myself have changed.

Because before, yes, I tried to work on it, but every time I lost a score, I went crazy. This time I`m like, Okay, whatever. I am calm no matter what. Just think about what needs to be done to win back and continue to fight.

Before, I just repeated what I heard from the coaches and everyone else. She said the right things, but she did not believe in them. And now I`m getting older, perhaps smarter, and it came by itself. This is how I feel, this is how I should behave. That`s all. I think I have to be a little boring on the court to achieve my goals. I will continue to do so.

The tiger is in place, believe me. I have it inside me and I`m ready to fight. But this is a calm tiger. It shows up when needed. And when you need to remain calm, he listens to me. Everything`s under control.

Sobolenko also spoke about the pressure and the importance of experience.

I call it expectations. You hear what they`re saying and you push yourself so hard. You start to dream, go crazy. It doesn`t help much.

I wish I could feel that inner peace sooner. It`s easy, and everyone has told me that, but you have to go through the whole experience to feel it.

Because when you don`t feel that peace, you try to pretend. You seem to be calm, but inside you want to destroy. That doesn`t work. You need to find this state, go through ups and downs. Go through it all. You need to gain experience to feel it and be able to use it.

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