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Football prediction Superleague CEO on European Court statement: We are pleased with the recognition of the right of third parties to organize pan-European club tournaments

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The General Director of the Superleague commented on the words of the Advocate General of the European Court.

Athanasios Rantos said that FIFA and UEFA rules do not violate EU laws and give organizations the right to block clubs from entering third-party tournaments and punish players who participate in matches.

The opinion of the Advocate General is one more step in this case. We are pleased with the recognition of the right of third parties to organize pan-European club competitions.

The Advocate General has made it clear that UEFA has a monopoly position, which entails important responsibilities to allow third parties to operate freely on the market.

At the same time, we believe that the 15 judges of the Grand Chamber, who are entrusted with the consideration of the case, will go even further and give the clubs advised by football livescore the opportunity to independently decide their own destiny at European level, " said Bernd Reichart.

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