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Sammy Kedera:We are one of the best teams in Europe

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Juventus midfielder Sammy Kedera admitted there was still bitterness after the Champions League`s dramatic dropout. One of the leaders of the bianconer said everyone should focus on the title and the Italian Cup. We made it almost impossible for Bernabeu, but we were sad at the end, and it`s even hard for us. We have proven to be one of the best teams in Europe. But this is football. We must accept it, as well as congratulate Real Madrid, `said Kedira.

`We need to look ahead and focus on the Serie A and the Italian Cup, which are our two major goals, ` he added. If you look at the situation in the 93rd minute, you will see that the referee is not at all certain. You have to be 100% sure when you want to give a penalty, even in the first minute. That`s what made us angry. We fought for 90 minutes. The judge made his choice and we can not change it, commenting more on the controversial penalty that Michael Oliver has judged.

The Italian champion also spoke of the eventual transfer of Emre Can in the Torino team. I spoke to him, but I do not know what decision he will take for his future, the German national concluded.

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